Control yourself to survive.

Control yourself to survive.

If you 're a proto lover, you're probably interested in know-how to increase your hit rate. Sports Toto 's annual analysis guide'Sport Toto Complete Conquest'contains a variety of information that can help you analyze your proto or Toto games.

Here 's the'Protto 10 Commandments', which provide a clear overview of the key points of the prototype analysis. Enjoy the points that Proto masters consider important.

The 9th Commandment, if you want to survive, be restrained.

The only law that can survive in a prototype is thorough self-control.

In Go, he said, "If you have too much greed, you can not win."

Just as greed is forbidden in life, greed in Proto only causes anger.

There is no end to human greed, so abstinence comes with bone-cutting pain.

The proctor, who is not fully self-managed, is already defeated before betting whether or not he is hit.

Winning the Proto requires thorough mind control and scoring.

You should not be frustrated if you fail.

You must not be proud of your victory, empty your mind and not be swayed by the wind.

Do not be so happy in one game, one round.

Proto is a long-term race.

A small battle will not change anything.

In particular, Proto is a fight against the Ozmaker, but it 'sa fight against himself.

Do not be misled by dividends. If you try too hard to hit the jackpot, you can easily hit the jackpot.

Do not ask about low dividends, but being deceived by high dividends is more dangerous.

To get rid of greed and control, you have to get out of the illusion of dividends.

You have to look at it from a long-term perspective.

If you continue to study and analyze, rather than seek a fortune,

There 'sa game that I can see for sure. That's when we have to win.

You should also get rid of your folder greed.

The basis for prototype ablation is the adjustment of the amount and number of bets.

You need to bet on a small folder, such as two.

As the number of folders increases, the probability of hit decreases proportionally.

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Proto is also purchased with extra money on a light basis.

You must keep the upper limit of your bets.