which advanced to the Europa League last season

Tottenham - Tottenham, which advanced to the Europa League last season by ranking sixth in the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season, and Tottenham, who are personally watching how it can be a season to overcome the crisis in the fact that their league performance continues to decline. The fact that we've had a lot of defensive ups and downs compared to the top-ranked teams also reminds us of the need for a change this season, and the fact that we've recruited Matt Doherty-Joe Hart-Emile Hoiberg through the summer transfer market, but failed to strengthen our players to make a big difference in the starting lineup, the goal is to think that Tottenham will have a high chance of struggling this season.
Tottenham, who will play at home, and what kind of play they will be able to show before the opening of this game, will be an important match, and Tottenham, who will play at home more aggressively, will think that the active performance of Delhi Ali and Lucas Moura will be more important than Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, will be more important than last season's defensive tactics.-It will be important to see what Eric Dyer-Toby Alderweireld-Matt Doherty's defense line will look like, and Tottenham's key point is whether it will be able to show better defensive play than last season, as the team faces this season with no significant reinforcement.
Everton - the opening game of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season, with Ancelotti in the league's 12th place last season and a slightly disappointing season compared to his record, Everton will be able to make a good use of Nils Nkunkow-Alan-Hames Rodriguez-Apdulaye Duchure as the main player through the summer transfer market ahead of this season. It is a game that I would like to look forward to seeing a change in the game against Tottenham since it is the team that I personally look forward to the most in the Premier League.
We expect the 4-3-1-2 formation of Everton, which is expected to be a strong season from the opening round, and we think it will be an important season for Calvert Lewin-Hishali song's two-top to show good performance on the road. In particular, Everton's expectations are that he will personally take the expectations of Everton's performance this season, given that the midfield's weight has become stronger, as he is likely to use Allan-Hames Rodriguez-Apdulaye Ducure as a starting player in the midfield, and that he will certainly take advantage of the overall performance of Sigurdson-Sio Wolcott-Joe Gomez-Alexis EWerby. 안전놀이터 
Tottenham and Everton will play the opening game of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. Tottenham, which hasn't changed much compared to last season, will have to show better teamwork than change in Harry Kane-Son Heung-min's offense, but rather what Ben Davis-Eric Dyer-Tovie Alderweirt-Matt Doherty's four-back line will look like last season, and it's important to think about whether it's going to be an important game.As much as I can, I think Hishalisson-Kalbert Lewin's changed performance, which was so disappointing last season, will be the key to this opening game, but personally, the chances of a draw are absolutely high. As there is a great regret that there is no change in predicting Tottenham's lead, I would like to predict a draw for this match.