Al-Sad must shake Al-Nasr's defense through aggressive game management

Al Sadd - It is an exciting game for Al Sadd, who is in second place with a record of 4th round [2 wins and 2 draws] of Group D in the Asian AFC Champions League in the 2020 season, to see what kind of play he can play against Al Nasr in order to win the top spot. The previous two teams ended in a draw, but as I personally think that Al Sadd is more likely to have a slight advantage in both objective and performance, I remember that Al Sadr needs to make a difference in offense than in defensive operations, and that Al Sadro has to show a greater difference in offense than in his previous showdown with Al Ain.
Now, Al Sadr, who is looking forward to seeing what he can do against Al Nasr for the top spot, is determined to be more important than defensive play management, and Al Sadr, who takes 3-4-2-1 formation tactics, will definitely make a difference from the strong midfielders in Baghdad.We remember that it was humid, but it is true that the attackers, who have recently boosted their sense of play, expect Al Nasr to meet again and show a different side of the game.
Al Nasr - Al Nasr, who made a clear difference against Sephahan by recording a fourth round of Group D in the Asian AFC Champions League in the 2020 season, is now the No. 1 spot in the group stage. Now that we have to maintain our No. 1 spot, we think it's important to see what kind of play Al Nasr can make against Al Sadr, who has only three runs in the fourth round as a counterattack against Al Sadd, and that it will be absolutely important to see Al Nasr's stable play in this match, which he has scored only three runs in the fourth round, and that showed a good draw in the previous match.
Now that Al Nasr, who takes the 4-4-2 formation tactic, which is important to keep the No. 1 spot, is showing a very impressive counter-attack tactics rather than a strong offense, in order to narrow the gap with Al Sadd, Sultan Alganam, Maikong Hokke, Abdula Madu and Albayd will show what the defender will show in this match.As much as we can judge, if we win a draw, it will be important to see how we can be defensive in the second line of Al-Sulaihem-Al Kaibari-Aldulpata Assiri-Kalid Alganam in this successful game. 안전놀이터
Al-Sad and Al-Nasr's fifth round of the AFC Champions League group stage, remember that both teams need to win to compete in the rankings, and Al-Sad must shake Al-Nasr's defense through aggressive game management. Clearly, al-Sad takes the 3-4-2-1 formation tactics and makes a big difference in the weight of the midfielders of Nam Tae-hee, Gilermi, Santi Casola and Akram Afif, centering on Baghdad's Bunneza, so in terms of game operation, it's a game that predicts Al-Sad's dominance, and what kind of counter-play will be made through defensive operations and post-defensive?I suppose that as