We consider the fact that

Udinese - who lost the opening game in the first round of the Italian Serie in the 2020/21 season [1 loss], and Udinese, who lost the opening game following the last season, will take the view that what kind of play the offense can show against Specia will change the outcome of this game, and that Udinese will be more confident in terms of playing against him.Consider that Nesse will be the key to victory.
Udinese, who will play at home, will think that the key to victory is what kind of play the attack, which was so disappointing compared to the previous match, and that they will be able to create a more aggressive and confident play against Specia by taking the 3-5-2 formation, so how much of the chance is focused on the two-top of Stefano Okaka-Kevin Rasana?Lee's key is to reduce his offensive and ups and downs rather than defense, while boosting his scoring ability against the Spanish defense.
Spetchia - Italy's Serie 1st round [1 loss] in the 2020/21 season, showing a disappointing performance as a promotion team from the opening game. Given the fact that the team failed to show a competitive edge, in addition to defensive instability, to boost the atmosphere again, the key point is to think about how the Spanish team's defensive competitiveness in the first division will be to show what kind of play it can play, and the fact that the weak points of defense have clearly been shown against Sassuolo Calcio in this game is the key to the victory. 스포츠토토 안전놀이터 뱃사공 추천목록 
We consider the fact that the game was too disappointing from the opening match, and for Spaccia, it is more important to consider what kind of play it shows on defense than aggressive game management in the situation of taking 4-3-3 formation tactics. The four-back line of Yakopo Sala-Martin Ericci-Christian Deloco-Huan Manuel, who had collapsed at home, will not be easy to expect Specia's performance if it is shaken in this game, and it is certainly a Spanish game that shows good counter-attack tactics after defense, but it is somewhat disappointing to see that the game continues to be more aggressive.
I think it'll be an even more exciting game in that it's the second round showdown between Udinese and the Italian Serie of Spain and the two teams that lost the opening game, but the fact that Udinese's play in the opening game showed even better performance, based on the advantage that Ueska will play at home in this match, if there's enough to win.I personally would like to think that Udinese are more likely to take the lead based on the advantage of playing at home.