Tottenham, which is in an away game, is doing well on a tight schedule

Manchester United - manager Solskj르r's Manchester United continues to shake in the beginning of the league with a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the second round of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. Although Manchester United has a good form of players to stay ahead of the fourth-place competition this season, the fact that they are not showing the strength to do so aggressively, coupled with defensive instability, makes it difficult to expect Manchester United's performance, and overall, it is highly likely that Tottenham will have an advantage at home in the early part of the Manchester United season.
Manchester United, which will play at home, is more likely to expect what kind of play they can play aggressively to shake Tottenham's defense in this game than defensive operations. Clearly, Manchester United's inability to aggressively revive its chances has led to a very large increase in the anxiety about defense, which led to the need for Rashford-Mason Greenwood's offense to regain the form of the second half of last season as Anthony Marshall is at the center, and recently, Manchester United's inability to show more or less offensive power in the face of greater instability in defense.I think it will be Lee's key.
Tottenham - With the third round of the English Premier League [1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss] in the 2020/21 season, Coach Mourinho has yet to show a team-wide change in play, especially since he has taken good players through the summer transfer market, he is looking forward to seeing Tottenham change as they play in the league, which has been a bit of a physical challenge recently. He has to play a game with counter-attack tactics after defense, but I think it will not be easy in that he has yet to show Tottenham's downplay at the beginning of the season.
Tottenham, which is in an away game, is doing well on a tight schedule and anticipating what kind of play it will continue in this game. Tottenham is expected to be able to play aggressively rather than defensive play management, but the fact that Son Heung-min's participation is somewhat uncertain will be a factor for Tottenham, but the fact that Harry Kane has recently revived suggests that Tottenham's offense will show a better competitive edge against Manchester United, clearly, and Matt Doherty-Davinson Sanchez-Eric Dyer-Sergillon's defense line is more clear. 토토사이트
Considering the fact that the match between Manchester United and Tottenham, and the two teams, which are somewhat shaky at the beginning of the season, will be difficult to predict from the fact that they are two teams that are playing well in this match, and that Manchester United will be somewhat unpredictable compared to last season's attack by Anthony Marshall-Rashford-Maison.As a result, it is a game to see if Son Heung-min can play, and Harry Kane has survived, but personally, the fact that he is a team that has too much physical variables during the cup competition with the Europa League makes us think that Manchester United will show better performance.