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I have been in my job for two years this month. I called to work at the end of the 2018/19 season. There was talk of a transfer with Charlie, who eventually joined the club, but it became the perfect start for the big team at the start of the 2019/20 season. I understand it promises. You are always welcoming. My teammate, Rob Weaver, has been at the club for about five years. So when I moved here, I stopped paying billions because it was changing so fast. I think that is very important as a researcher. You are almost certainly their point of reference. They come to you all the time or you approach 토토사이트 모음 순위 them. We need to know what they think before they think. Burglarize ignored him and his advisor to find the right speed because he already had all the information for three years working with a current Totosite player before joining the main team. I'm sure I have done well in the last two years, but I have not called. You continue to collect data on your own and for the purpose of buying test tubes.

What is the main skill of a professional?

The most important thing is association. As a researcher, you can’t do the job thinking you are upset. If there is no change, the end times can be forgiven and, unfortunately, it is not possible to do so. We have good luck because we know what you really want in this project. There is a game day and there is a running time when you realize that the game is on a specific day. When playing every Saturday, the program can be simple. However, when you start the game on the weekend or have a Christmas season, you usually connect the installation time immediately. So there is a lot of connection.

Communication is important as long as it interacts with people like counselors and other partners. Matching variables is important whether you are talking about sports or design. I don’t think you can do the job thinking you are an unhappy communicator. I want to organize my thoughts. Will you do it well? Delivery is an important part of the job.

This experiment has made significant progress since I started. For example, SportsCode or the possibility of putting an iPad in a chair is something that could not be understood at first. After the competition, the work will continue with most of the tests currently underway. Where is it going? I'm sure you will have a lot of advisers to call. Nothing coming out right now. Many clubs have mentors who watch many videos and mentors who do good tests. The teaching team is joined by a leader, assistant and teacher of the first team who provides training in grass, in the form of a professional. I think the change in the researcher's work is most evident.

Where does the circle go? I think AI even talks about the secret system. There will be a little emphasis on watching the game and you will just stand there to see what you are looking for. Assuming you want the same values ​​in the game, you really want to use information and AI. Everything was discussed, I had no idea I was sitting with him. Obviously, it is important that the researcher be there and watch the game. Anyway, I come back to my eyes and will always look at it myself, but we will see. Things have increased dramatically in the last decade. It's amazing. Five years later, we can look back and think, "Remember what I was doing in 2021?" I think that is what we continue to do.