PARIS Saint-Germain - With his record in the first round of the French League

PARIS Saint-Germain - With his record in the first round of the French League in the 2020/21 season [1 loss], the league favorite remembers that he is likely to lose back-to-back games in the second round at home following a shocking loss in the opening game. Considering the recent team squad of Paris Saint-Germain, it would be even more difficult to predict that it was the Paris Saint-Germain team, in addition to the fact that Di Maria-Navas-Mbappe-Faredes-Icardi-Neymar-Marquinos was unable to participate in the game due to the injury of Draxler.
It is true that the Paris Saint-Germain, which needs to make changes rather than the formation of players we know well, and the Paris Saint-Germain's performance is expected to be shaken in this match, considering the opening line-up. Clearly, Paris Saint-Germain, who continues to use 4-3-3 formation tactics, will consider the fact that the game's management itself is a little bit frustrating compared to its lead in the game, and I think it's important to see what the case Ruiz Atil-Arno Calimuso-Pablo Sarabia's resonance will look like in this match, but personally, the weight of the main attack line will be too low in Paris.
Marseille - Marseille, who has been making a good start since the opening of the league with a record of 1 win in the first round of the French League in the 2020/21 season. Marseille, a great opportunity to break off a series of losses against PSG through this match, is expected to be able to tap into the gap in Paris Saint-Germain, where many absentees are expected, and the fact that [Sar-Faye] is unable to participate due to Corona is continuing to rise in away games, but the overall range of Marseille's players is even better.It's a game I want to watch. 안전놀이터 
As Marseille, who has to save the best chance to break off his relatively difficult appearance in this game, and Marseille, who has shown more than expected performance in the opening game, will be able to determine how well Nemanja Radonzic-Dario Vendeto-Florian Tobin's offense will revive this game.It is a game that I would like to look forward to seeing Marseille's performance in the fact that Marseille will not be behind PSG's second division at all with all his strength or individual skills, while showing even more stable play on the 400th line of Jordan Amabi-Douye Calletta Car-Leonardo Valerdi-Sakai Hiroki.
Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille will face off in the second round of the League. It's a showdown between the two teams, which had a different atmosphere in the opening game, but the two teams have a gap in the main players caused by the coronavirus, but considering the weight of the missing players, Paris Saint-Germain is likely to continue the struggling season, which is rather a golden opportunity for Marseille to break off the relative bad relationship that has shown relatively weak performance.It's not going to be an easy game, but surely Marseille will be able to show a more solid squad in the game itself, so Paris Saint-Germain is likely to falter in this match as it fails to fill the vacancies of the absentee.

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