loyal retainer Choi Young

If you go to Chuja Island in Jeju Island, there is a shrine for Choi Young. During the reign of King Gongmin, many horses were raised in Jeju Island by the Yuan Dynasty, and the people of the Yuan Dynasty who came down to manage horses were called Mokho. The wooden guards were at odds with the officials of Goryeo due to King Gongmin's semi-circular policy, and eventually led to the rebellion that killed the official. King Gongmin can no longer wait and see, so he sends Choe Yeong to suppress the rebellion. As a result, Choi Young successfully suppressed the Mokho's rebellion. But what I'm going to talk about here is Choi Young's journey to Jeju Island. As many as 25,605 soldiers took 314 ships from the Japanese pirates, but they were hit by a storm on their way from Jindo Island to Chujado Island. So he had to stay on Chuja Island for a while, when General Choi Young taught residents how to catch fish with nets and other ways to improve their lives. As life became much better than before, the residents built a shrine to remember General Choi Young's gratitude. On the 15th and the end of the 7th and December of the lunar calendar, they hold a ritual to pray for good fish and good harvests. Choi Young is a 'God' that makes life better for the residents of Chuja Island.

Meanwhile, there is a Guksadang Shrine on Inwangsan Mountain that houses Yi Seong-gye, Ambassador Muhak, and other guards, and General Choi Yeong is also enshrined there. There are many shrines in China that serve Guan Yu as a god. As such, General Choi Young is the most representative figure who died and became a god in Korea. The shaman is revered as a god of considerable authority, corresponding to the general god. But rather than having great power, God seems to play a greater role in consoling the unjustly deceased spirit.

When he died, he left a message saying, "If I have greed, the grass will grow in my grave, and if I am innocent, I will not grow." Choi Young's tomb, which was called "integrity" because the grass did not grow. What kind of person is Choi Young who died and was honored as a god, and became a spirit that soothed the unjustly deceased spirit?

1.a clean old man; a clean old man

When we talk about General Choi Young, we often say, "Let's look at gold like a golden stone." The main character who said this is not General Choi Young, but his father Choi Won-sik. Choi Won-sik, who served as a senior official at the ministry at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, was very clean in his life and left a will to his son to "take care of gold" in his death, hoping that his descendants would not fall into corruption. In other words, that famous saying should be regarded as a proper practice of his father's will rather than that of General Choi Young.

There is the most representative anecdote that I practiced my father's will. The main character is Kim Yong. Kim Yong was favored by King Gongmin since he was detained in the Yuan Dynasty. The problem is that he carried the king's love on his back and did all kinds of evil. When Jeong Se-woon and Ahn Woo, who were not on good terms with each other, made a great contribution to the Hong Geon-jeok conquest, they conspired to kill Jeong Se-woon. And Anwoo kills his boss again and again, and he ties up his political opponents, including Yi Bang-sil and Kim Deuk-bae, to death. In particular, in 1363, Empress Gi and Empress Gi were planning to assassinate King Gongmin from Heungwangsa in order to establish Deokheung-gun as the next king. However, King Gongmin's face, which was similar to King Gongmin's face, died instead of using bait, and when Choi Young led the government army, King Ando-chi, escaped from the crisis. This is called Heungwangsa Temple's bowel movement, and Kim Yong was sentenced to death for treason. When Kim Yong was executed, a rare jewel called Myoah Ahn Jung-ju was recovered by the royal court, and other officials were amazed to see it. Choi Young-young criticizes Kim Yong, saying, "What makes you so great that Kim Yong's big meaning is barely dirty?"

At that time, it was popular for the ministers to invite each other to their houses for dinner and show their luxury. Choi Young-do also invited the ministers to his home, but they did not serve any food until midday, but only served rice mixed with gijang rice and vegetables at night. Hungry ministers said they ate it all deliciously and praised Choi Young's home, saying, "The food I ate at Choi Young's house is the best." 먹튀없는 토토사이트와 안전 놀이터 소개

And he was a very principled person, so he strictly enforced it not only to his subordinates but also to his people. When her nephew violated the military law, Choi Young was furious and told her not to apply the exception, and there were no exceptions to the elderly who were mobilized for the service.

These anecdotes fully show Choi Young's integrity, but in a way, she seems a bit old-fashioned. Choi Young-eun tells her that she didn't want to have Kim Yong's treasure, but she just looked at it out of curiosity, and that the way she starved her ministers and gave them a late meal is the way she used to treat the soldiers. Because of his personality, he can avoid fancy food and starve on purpose, but I wonder if he had to tame his ministers like that. Although my nephew was more strict because he was a family member, I think it would be too much of a principle for the elderly and the people to hit their necks or cut their arms when they disobey military orders. I admit it because I don't have any self-interest, but I'm sure there was an old-fashioned attitude as well, too.

2. From the wall of force to the supreme power

The famous saying left a strong impression of integrity, but Choi Young is also the best archer of her time. The most troublesome group at the end of Goryeo is the Japanese. There were Japanese pirates in the past, but their power soared at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, causing enormous damage not only to Goryeo but also to Japan and China. Choi Young and Lee Seong-gye are the two top players in the fight against Japanese pirates in Goryeo. Even when 100,000 Honggunjeoks invaded from the north and fell to Kaesong, they defeated Honggunjeok along with Anwoo and Yi Bangsil. Heungwangsa Temple, which was caused by Kim Yong, was also conquered by Yi Seong-gye when Choe Yu, carrying Empress Gi, revolted against Deokheung-gun and suppressed the difficulties of Mokho on Jeju Island. At that time, Lee In-im, Yeom Heung-bang, and Im Gyeon-mi, who used their power too much, removed even the aristocrats of civil war, making Goryeo the era of Choe Yeong. However, Choi Young was a fundamentalist even though she became the most powerful person, so she thought orders and systems were important. Because he was a clean and exemplary leader, he is also popular with soldiers. Perhaps that's why King Wu could only trust Choi Young. King Wu will ask Choi Young to send his daughter to the concubine. I would have been able to relax only if I had a family relationship with Choi Young. Choi Young-eun flatly refuses Eventually, he married his daughter to King Wu and became the king's father-in-law.

However, because she is a fundamentalist, Choi Young is forced to choose from the changing times regardless of her will. The highest peak is the Liao Dongjeongbeol and Yuhwado Regions.

3. Hidden brain fights between the Yidong and Wihwado Regions

There can be many interpretations of the plan for a fluctuation. In a situation where the two are at odds over the original name replacement period, the idea of ignoring the demands of the Ming Dynasty and conquering the fluctuation cannot be considered wrong. From Choi Young's point of view, he must have been very angry when he told him to give up the land he had recovered in 100 years due to the blood and sweat of his men in the Ming Dynasty, which is just beginning. Why did Choi Young send Lee Seong-gye, not herself, as the head of the swaying political party?

There are two main points of view on this part. One is that King Wu was afraid that Choi Young was away and wanted to stay with him. When Choi Young leaves for Yidong, a considerable number of troops will be evacuated. I'm afraid that if the closest of the king is away from the king's side in a war that may or may result in someone killing him. So Choi Young finally persuaded Wu to lead the army in Pyongyang. This is the general view known so far.

Another point of view is the Choi Young's scheme to eliminate the Lee Sung-gye. The new aristocrats, who were trying to reform Goryeo, were already growing in power around the Yi Seong-gye, and to the new aristocrats, the Kwon Mun-se people were ruining Goryeo, so they were evil that had to be eliminated. I tried to change the aristocratic-centered political system based on studying abroad. He tried to reform the land system, trying to eliminate the secularization of Buddhism. Politics, Buddhism, Land. The godfather tried to take away the greatest powers of the Gwon Mun-se people. The Gwon Munse people needed a shield to prevent the growing power of the new godfather, and they put Choi Young ahead of them. Choi Young-eun was honest and clean, but she was only loyal to the position of Goryeo's servant. What the Godfather claims is something that is close to revolution, so it must seem against the principle that led to consideration. Although they tried to purge corrupt Kwon Moon-sees and correct politics, there were too many problematic Kwon Moon-sees. During the reform policy of Shindon, he was demoted, went to exile, and when Shindon was lost, he returned to his post. Through that process, Choi Young-eun became the face of the Kwon Mun-se regardless of her will. Choi Young had a reason to remove Lee Seong-gye, thinking that it was not because she hated him, but because she wanted to protect Lee Seong-gye.

It is speculated that the military might have been able to bring about a violent political struggle. Although the Japanese suffered a lot, it was because the Japanese were too strong to surpass the military power of any other country, not because the Goryeo Dynasty was about to face its final great battle against the Yuan Dynasty, and it is possible to predict that the Goryeo Dynasty would not be able to pull out as much of its forces as possible when it said it would be forced to attack the Yuan Dynasty. The problem is the situation after that. Although the Ming Dynasty is about to face a showdown with the Yuan Dynasty, Goryeo already knows that the Ming Dynasty is almost expected to win.

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